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Why should I hire a solar panel installer?

Reasons To Hire a Solar Installer

General safety

How long have you worked on ladders and roofs? Climbing and descending ladders, carrying heavy photovoltaic panels and shelves, walking on sloping surfaces above the ground-all these activities are hazardous. Hiring a professional solar installer is more meaningful than taking the risk of an accident. 

Electrical Safety 

Are you a licensed electrician? If not, you will need to reconsider completing your rooftop solar installation. To operate the PV panel, you must connect the system to a power source. A mistake here can cost you your property and your safety. Also, most local regulations require electricians or solar installers to complete the wiring.

Professional Equipment 

You may have a shed or home workshop full of tools, but you may not have all the right equipment to complete your rooftop solar installation. Not only do you need ladders and power drills, but some necessary tools are not cheap. Professional solar installers have professional tools and equipment to complete the job.

Experience and Training 

If you watch the video of a professional installer at work, completing the PV installation seems straightforward. But this is solely due to their extensive training and experience. Planning and installing an effective rooftop solar system can be pretty complicated for the average homeowner. 

Scope of Warranty

High-quality photovoltaic panels usually carry a 25-year warranty. However, installing them yourself may void your warranty. Some manufacturers only cover modules installed by licensed and certified solar installers. 

Home Resale Value 

PV-powered homes generally sell faster and are more expensive than similar homes without rooftop solar systems. But these benefits only apply to professionally installed systems; If you complete the installation yourself, it can be difficult for appraisers and buyers to assess the quality of your craft.

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