Why is Solar Energy Becoming so Popular in Australia?

Australia is the perfect country to harness the potential of solar energy. From a numerical point of view, Australia sees an average of 58 million beat jokes (PJ) of solar radiation each year. This is about 10,000 times the energy it consumes. The world urgently needs to shift from burning fossil fuels to cleaner and greener energy sources, such as solar energy.

Australian government policies, such as the Clean Energy Initiative’s Renewable Energy Program and the Solar Energy Badge Program, pressure companies large and small to invest in solar photovoltaic technology. Homeowners are also doing their part to invest in renewable energy for their homes. Solar photovoltaic technology has been used in remote areas with limited power grids for many years. Even in densely populated urban areas, solar technology designed for residential roofs is becoming more and more popular. Recent data shows that more than 2 million Australian households have rooftop solar power systems. This is about 20% of households.

1) Improved Technology

Thanks to research organizations like ARENA, solar cells used on residential roofs today are efficient and attractive. The roof system is also equipped with innovative energy tools. By tracking the generation and consumption of electricity from the solar panel, these tools allow you to control your energy needs fully.

2) Financial benefits

Investing in solar energy now can save you money in the future. Energy rates are increasing, and this trend is likely to continue. By preferring solar energy, you can save energy costs and make money by selling surplus energy. When you are connected to the grid, it works so that the power company must attribute any excess energy generated by your panel to you. This is called the solar power fee. The Australian government also provides renewable energy discounts and incentives to cover the upfront costs of installing rooftop solar.

3) Environmental benefits

Last but not least, investing in solar energy can reduce the carbon footprint of you and your country. Currently, 60% of Australia’s energy needs use unsustainable energy sources, such as fossil fuels. Using your renewable energy to generate and consume energy can significantly reduce the impact of your house on the environment. It’s never a bad