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What Are The Best Household Solar Panel Solutions Available In Australia?



LG is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers, with a series of high-quality, reliable and high-performance panels. LG is one of the best manufacturers to offer a 25-year product and 25-year performance warranty for Neon 2 and Neon R panels, which use high-quality, durable N-type silicon cells. LG’s high-quality panel series is top-rated in Australia, the United States, and Europe, incorporating many industry-leading technologies. The LG Neon 2 panel is the first to use a multi-wire bus and a high-performance N-type battery and is one of the most popular high-end panels in Australia.

Nominal Power (W): 350W 450W 

Efficiency (%): 19.3 22.0%

Price Range: Medium to High $$$$ 


Sunpower, now renamed Maxeon Solar, is the leader worldwide in high-efficiency IBC and provides an industry-leading performance warranty with 92% reserved capacity after 25 years and a 25-year manufacturer’s product warranty. The   Maxeon series panels use high-performance IBC N-type batteries, the most efficient solar photovoltaic battery technology available today. However, their prices are high, and they are not used much in Australia. SunPower’s most cost-effective P-Series or Performance panels are popular in large residential and commercial installations. In North America, Sunpower panels are trendy and one of the most trusted brands. 

Rated Power (W): 340W 550W 

Efficiency (%): 19 22.8%

Price Range: Med is very high


Installers are welcome, especially the TwinPeak series. As of 2019, all REC TwinPeak and Speak panels come with a 20-year standard product warranty and enhanced performance warranty, reducing degradation and making it one of the best warranties on the market. The   REC TwinPeak panel is the first panel to use a half-cut battery in a split module format, providing higher efficiency and better resistance to negatives. The NPeak panel series and the recently launched Alpha panel series utilize advanced N-type heterojunction half-cut (HJT) cells, making REC one of the leading manufacturers in the high-performance solar industry.

Power Rating * (W): 300W 380W

Efficiency (%): 18 21.7%

Price Range: Medium-High $$$

Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells is a well-known high volume panel manufacturer that offers a wide range of Products suitable for high-quality panels for all applications. The latest Q Cell G6 + Duo panel enjoys a new 25-year product warranty and an improved long-term performance warranty, with a nominal output of 85% after 25 years. The   Q battery provides a wide range of panels, from the entry-level standard 60-cell panel using reliable monocrystalline cells to the high-efficiency mid-cut monocrystalline PERC cells used in the Q.Peak Duo G5 and G6 series, and the most recent advanced The Q.Peak DUO G8 and G9+ series use the latest innovations, including zero-gap batteries with 12 micro-line busbars.

Nominal power (W): 325W 460W 

Efficiency (%): 18.8 20.8% 

Price range: Med $ $$$ 


Winaico is a relatively reasonably priced high-quality panel manufacturer, providing high-quality, high-quality quality Panels. Winaico panels now offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and are well received and trusted by installers. They also have an excellent previous track record of long-term reliability and performance under harsh Australian conditions. Winaico’s attention to detail, heavy-duty frame design and quality service also put them ahead of most other manufacturers. The next-generation GEMINI series can provide up to 375 W of rated power and use high-efficiency single crystal PERC half-cut batteries. 

Rated power (W): 310W 375W 

Efficiency (%): 18.8 20.6%

Price range: Mid-high $$$ 


Hyundai has a long history in power and manufacturing, which can be traced to the early Hyundai 2970s. The solar energy industry has gradually laid the foundation for the manufacture of solar panels. Unlike its substantial Chinese competitors, Hyundai Solar focuses on producing a small number of high-quality, affordable solar panels based on mature solar cell technology. Although most solar panel manufacturers now use half-cut or split cells to make solar panels, Hyundai Motor has focused on using highly efficient monocrystalline PERC cells to produce tiled solar panels. Laminated solar panels have many advantages over more common split solar panels, such as better shade resistance and shallow risk of microcracks or hot spots. Hyundai is also one of several high-quality manufacturers that provide a 25-year product warranty for SG, VG and UF series panels. 

Nominal power (W): 300W 400W 

Efficiency (%): 19.6% 21.3%

Price range: Med $$$ 

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers. One is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers in low-cost, high-efficiency panels. The famous Trina Honey panel series are considered high-quality and value-for-money, especially the Honey M (single crystal) panel, now available in the most efficient 120-slice half-cut format with a power of up to 370W. 

Trina Solar offers a wide range of panels, from cost-effective single crystal PERC panels to advanced double-sided boards. The latest Vertex and Vertex S (small) series of high-performance meetings further consolidate Trina Solar’s position as a progressive, high-efficiency panel manufacturer. 

Nominal power (W): 330W 670W

Efficiency (%): 19.6% 21.3% 

Price range: low to medium price $$

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