Should I switch to solar panel energy?

When a 1.5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system can prevent the emission of about 2.2 tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide per year, it is evident that installing solar panels as soon as possible is a great way to protect the environment and help you save. Money. However, besides helping green the earth, there are other important reasons to buy solar panels now rather than wait for the future.

The cost of the solar system is at the lowest level in history.

The benefits of solar power for ordinary Australian homes are numerous, especially saving you money. Today, standard residential solar systems are cheaper than ever. Due to technological progress and the current glut in the global manufacturing market, the price of solar modules has dropped more than 75% in the last five years. The impressive price drop also means that the average size of a home solar system has more than doubled, from 1 to 2 kilowatts (kW) to 4 to 5 kilowatts, which can have a more remarkable impact on your electricity bills. . This is excellent news for your budget and savings.

The quickly you buy, the quicker you save.

Although you may want to stick with it and see if the price of solar systems drops further, putting off buying doesn’t necessarily make financial sense. Energy prices are already high and expected to rise, but the cost of solar energy is at the lowest level ever. The total cost of solar energy in all Australian capitals (except Canberra) is now lower than retail prices for grid electricity.

Minimal maintenance 

Solar panels require very little maintenance. Although in the past, some manufacturers advised buyers to clean every few years to ensure they continue to produce power, today’s solar panels don’t even need this level of maintenance. Most experts now agree that cleaning high-performance solar panels is not worth worrying or spending money on because they should work effectively even when dirty.

Solar panels enhance the value of your home.

Australia’s increasingly green climate, installing a solar system can be essential in selling a home. Upgrading your home with solar panels is a quick and easy way to help your home become more attractive to potential buyers and look good. Gone are the days of cumbersome rectangular monsters-today’s panels are stylish, designed to match the slope of the ceiling, with minimal hidden wiring, and will hardly affect the appearance of your home. Solar panels have a long service life.


Even if the sale of your house is not a recent event, if you decide to sell your house, you can still enjoy all the benefits of generating clean solar energy while making your site more attractive in the future market. While you wait, it’s worth remembering that the Climate Commission estimates that most Australian solar systems can now pay for themselves in less than ten years.

Becomes part of the solar revolution

Nearly 15% of households across the country have installed solar panels with an average system size of 4.5 kW, increasing the proportion. Talk to an EnergyAustralia solar expert now to learn how to join the 1.6 million families who have already enjoyed the benefits of producing their clean solar energy.