How much does it cost to install a 5kW solar system?

You want to know “How much do solar panels cost in Australia?” You are not alone. As electricity prices constantly rise over the country, more and more Australians are considering the cost of purchasing solar panels for their properties. It is not difficult to see why so many people are considering going solar. Among environmental factors that are entirely independent of electricity, savings on electricity bills and dependence on renewable energy, installing solar panels is a considerable investment in the future of your property. The growing popularity of solar technology also means that once highly high assets are now more affordable than ever. So what is the cost of solar panels in Australia? As one of Australia’s leading solar panel providers, Captain Green Solar will break down the cost of solar panels across the country. Although we are happy to give you an affirmative amount to answer

What is the cost of solar panels?

The price of solar panels in Australia is usually affected by many factors. Ultimately it all comes down to the type of solar panel you choose. Property. However, we can provide you with a price breakdown, depending on these various factors. This way, you should calculate the cost of solar panels, depending on your circumstances. If you’re short on time, you can jump straight to our solar system calculator, where you can enter your data and estimate solar energy savings for yourself on site.

What is the cost of solar energy in 2021?

Before discussing the factors that determine the price of solar panels in Australia, we think it is essential to note that the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly in recent years. The price of buying solar panels is much cheaper than ten years ago. This may be due to the absolute value that residents and commercial properties get when they purchase solar panels; As more and more people understand the benefits of solar energy, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. With increasing popularity, the reliability and efficiency of Australian solar panel technology have improved. Today, solar panels are one of the significant investments you can make for your property.

The following are the main factors that determine the price of solar panels in Australia:

Factors that determine the cost of solar panels Australia
Solar panel technology

A common misunderstanding about solar energy is that people think that the number of solar panels is one of them, the most significant determinant. This is the type of solar panel you choose; you don’t necessarily need that many. The power output of your solar panel system does not depend on how many panels you need; in addition, it is the total capacity of the system. For example, your solar panel system may have 20 250W panels or 25 200W panels; either way, you will end up with a 5KW solar system. It is the quality of these panels that determines energy production. “What is the cost of solar energy?” One of the most significant determinants of this question. It is the solar panel itself. Another essential factor to consider when considering the price of solar panels in Australia is that the property may require other solar technology, such as inverters and solar cells. When comparing the cost of solar panels in Australia and the production of each panel, the three leading technologies include monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film solar panels. At Captain Green, we only provide the highest quality and most efficient solar technology and panels on the market.

We usually use monocrystalline, which is generally not the cheapest type of solar panel; however, it is the most effective and robust solution. We cooperate with several high-quality Australian solar panel brands to provide the most efficient, effective and outstanding solar panel installation. Some of the solar brands we work with include Jinko, Q Cells, LG Solar and Aleo.

The size of the solar system 

The size of the solar system required for your property will also be one of the main determinants of the cost of solar panels. You can calculate the solar panel system size needed for your property by looking at the latest energy bill. Essentially, you need to understand the amount of electricity you plan to generate to determine which solar panels and how much your property will cost. The watt solar panel capacity will be a direct cost driver because solar panels and solar battery packs are usually priced based on output per watt. The watt of each solar panel refers to the amount of electricity generated under normal conditions. 

What is the cost of solar energy for an ordinary family? On average, a typical residential property generally uses 20 kWh of energy per day. A 5 kW solar system can usually meet the daytime power needs of such a home. However, the correct size of the solar system will depend on the amount of electricity you plan to generate and the unique needs of your property.


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