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Solar Ocean is one of the leading renewable energy
service providers to Australian homes and businesses


Solar Ocean is Australia’s leading trusted suppliers and integrators of renewable energy products. We are an Australian owned and operated company. Solar Ocean was formed to help residences and commences overcome the biggest challenges faced because of high electricity/utility bills.


Our motto is to help both commercial enterprises and residences access energy-saving equipment with minimal fuss. We have been offering complete renewable solutions, tailored to our individual customer requirements.

Solar Ocean is one of the leading renewable energy service providers to Australian homes and businesses

Quick telephone consultation with our solar expert

Designing of the solar system

Hassle-free paperwork

Covid-19 Safe Installation

Strong installers network nationwide

Real-time updates for your entire installation process

Save the planet by reducing carbon footprint

Designing a tailor-made solution for your home and business

Our friendly solar experts are always available to walk through your solar installation journey to achieve maximum savings on the electricity bills

Why Go Solar?

geographical advantages

Australia has a unique Natural advantage as we get a lot of sunshine and can be used as a renewable energy source such as solar PV.

Help the Planet

Reduce your carbon footprint with the help of going solar. Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy available on the earth, which makes the environment livable for future generations to come.

Sell Energy to the Grid

Not only solar can save money on your energy bills. It can also help to generate money for you when you sell the energy to the grid which you don’t use.

Increase Property Value

As more people getting conscious about the environment, having solar on your property can increase its value in the marketplace.

Great Government incentives

Most of the government encourages green energy sources and incentivize on solar installation. The Australian government rebate you can reduce the cost of your initial investment.

Great Return on investment

As solar produced more than sufficient energy throughout the year. Depending on your solar size you can get your investment back within 3-5 years.

Why choose Solar Ocean?

100% Australian Owned & Operated

We are a proud Australian business owned and operated by locals

28 Days Installation Guarantee*
(T&C apply)

We assure 28 days installation within NSW by our Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified installers.

25 years performance warranty on panels and 10 Years product warranty

Solar ocean team has worked more than $5 million worth of projects. Which mean you are in-experienced and safe hands.

Experienced CEC installers network nationwide

We have a strong installer’s network nationwide for top quality installations as per Australian standards

Price match*
(T&C apply)

For customer peace of mind we offer a price match with similar panel and inverter quality.

Friendly sales and technical support

We offer a tailor made solution according to your requirements and are at your assistance even after post installation.


Our team of experts give recommendations based on a thorough understanding of the renewable energy market and the bottom line financial considerations governing our customer’s investment. Since our foundation, we have garnered years of experience designing, engineering and building customized renewable products. Solar Ocean takes pride in delivering the most technically appropriate product to ensure efficient and measurable outcomes.

Solar Ocean is designed as a one-stop portal. Having catered to various niches, we have teamed up with our affiliations with an extensive network of registered solar panel installers throughout Australia.

Our team comprises of local on-site staff of Engineers, Technicians and Electricians. They are all Australian natives who have the expertise and understanding of the local landscape. They offer you reliable, sustainable solutions to assist you in achieving your renewable goals.

The team is passionate about solar power and keeps a large amount of stock on hand. Doing so helps us ensure that our skilled staff can advise, process and dispatch your order without delay.

To date, we have installed thousands of grid-connect, remote area and recreational power systems across the country for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial clients.


Our ultimate goal is ensuring customer satisfaction. We envisage providing reliable, long-lasting power systems using proven products. With years of experience in designing, engineering and building with our customized unique online system, residences and commerce’s can get the tools needed to thrive on solar energy.

Solar Ocean aims to offer industry-leading tools while ensuring: Regular communication with the clients because we value your input and feedback.

Maintain state-of-the-art solar power systems because we value being the best we can be. Provide uninterrupted and seamless service post-installation because we value our integrity.

You can be assured that we will fix any issues promptly should they arise – because we value your loyalty.

On the whole, you get:

  • Competitive prices
  • Premium quality
  • Australian warranty
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Top solar consultants

Performance & Reliability

We Choose the most reliable solar brands for our customers

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