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Solar Power for Business Complexes & Other Large Commercial Operations.

50kW solar panel system  

50kW solar systems are among the most popular commercial solar system sizes. 50kW solar system suits businesses with high energy usage, which face high annual electricity bills . 

A 50kW solar system is composed of quality components made up of solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters. Energy plays a critical role in our daily activities. Solar energy demand is increasing day by day due to the increase in population and industrialization.

Solar Ocean has access to the most advanced solar technology in the business, offering high-efficiency 50kW solar systems to industrial buildings, warehouses, office complexes and retail stores across the country. We have access to the superior Tier 1 solar technology in the business; with high conversion efficiency and minimal maintenance required, they provide you with years of trouble-free use.

50kW Commercial Solar System Cost

The 50kW solar system is a popular size for commercial purposes because it covers a large percentage of small to medium-sized power needs. A good quality 50kW solar system costs around $45,500 – $52,000 (AUD) depending on the location and the brand of solar panels and inverter you go with.

Payback period for a 50kW solar PV system

By offsetting your energy bills with solar power and the tariffs paid when feeding electricity to the grid, your system will eventually pay for itself. Once this payback period is complete, your investment will turn into a positive cash flow product for your business. The average time for a 50kW commercial solar system to complete this payback period is 4-5 years. This will rely on the rate you pay for electricity, the rate you receive from the energy provider, and the amount you use.

How much value can a 50kW solar PV system bring to a business?

The 50kW solar power system is suitable for medium and large-sized businesses whose daily energy consumption is less than 500kW per day. Investing in such solar products will qualify you for the government Small Tech Certificate (STC) rebate. This will give you the right to receive subsidies for the system’s initial cost and will ultimately bring a higher return of investment (ROI). 

Offsetting 200kWh of electricity every day will significantly reduce your energy use. This will lower your overall costs and increase your net profit. Companies in Australia with an average of 50kW of solar PV systems report that they can save about $16,000 in energy costs each year.

Roof space needed for 50kW solar panels

The standard size of solar panels for the Australian market is 1.7m x 1m. So, if you are using 260W-330W solar panels, you will need 258.4m2-328.1m2. Most panels have a range between 275 watts and 350 watts. This leaves quite a few options for finding the perfect panel type to fit your budget, goals, and roof space.

The amount of roof space you have plays a critical role in your choice of solar panels. Those with ample roof space can choose the panel that best suits their budget and efficiency goals. However, if your roof space is limited, you may need to purchase more powerful panels to make the most of the space you have.

However, other factors may require more space, such as roof shape, orientation, and equipment mounting. For the best estimate, contact Solar Ocean to estimate the total roof space you need.

Why choose Solar Oceans as your 50kW solar system installers.

100%Australian Owned& Operated
10 Years warranty on inverter
25 Years performance warranty on Panels
(T&C apply)
10 Years workmanship warranty
6 Months Bill Check after installation.

What is a Tier 1 Solar Panel System? 

Manufacturers of solar panels are split into 3 tiers, labelled one to three. Tier 1 solar panels are made by well-known firms with a large reputation in the market. These businesses have typically been in operation for several years and provide the most reliable, stable, and cost-effective items on the market. Solar Ocean only sells and deploys Tier 1 products, ensuring that you receive high-quality products that provide the best ROI.

Our 100kW solar system solution is designed for the needs of commercial business owners: efficient, weather-resistant, and capable of meeting your power demands.

Quality you can trust

Solar Ocean is Australia’s most reliable renewable energy source and integrator. We are a fully owned and operated Australian company. Our 50 kW solar panel system is backed by a 10-year product warranty, a 25-year panel performance warranty, and a 28-day installation guarantee. Solar Ocean was formed to help residences and commences overcome the most significant challenges because of high electricity/utility bills.

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