5 Questions To Ask A Solar Company [Guide]

5 Questions to ask a solar company

Solar power has always been beneficial, and now it’s more accessible and cost-effective than ever. It can be a fantastic investment, both for the environment and your home/business, as it reduces your electricity bills and your home’s/business’s carbon footprint.

When installing solar, you are facing a long-term commitment or a significant upfront capital expenditure. Before you choose to go solar, it is vital to research the right installer and products to safeguard your investment.

In order to make the right decision, it is of the utmost importance to ask the right questions, and we have put together the top 5 that will help you do just that!

1. Does the product manufacturer/supplier company have a presence in Australia?

The endurance of your solar products is just as important as the solar installer. Suppose your solar installer goes out of business and the manufacturer doesn’t have a presence in Australia. In that case, you can expect an expensive and long turnaround time to process a warranty claim. Even if your solar company ceases operation, a reputable solar company will still do their utmost to assist its customers.

2. Does the company license as a solar panel installer?

It’s very critical when choosing an installer as they will be responsible for working on the roof, installing the panels and connecting the solar system to the meter box. Choosing a company having CEC certified installers is the way to go. When you work with the licensed installer, you’ll know your solar system was installed as per the CEC guidelines.

3. How much experience and expertise they have?

With various installers seeking your business and consideration, you must know their level of experience and expertise. A top-notch installer will take your inquiries and feedback and plan the best solar panel system for your home/business as going solar is a collaborative process. The longer a solar company has been installing solar systems, the more prominent their insight on product performance over time.

4. What after-sales service does the company offer?

Guaranteeing that your solar company has the resources to assist you all through the lifetime of your system is critical. Ask your planned solar company what after-sales services they give, their warranty measure, and if they have a dedicated in-house service department. This should provide you significant serenity realizing they will be able to support your requirements if you experience issues in the future.

5. Who will be Installing the Solar Panels? 

Many solar installers will employ subcontractors to build and remove the scaffolding. This is standard practice. In any case, it’s always insightful to instruct a company who is going to be carrying out the installation instead of palming it off to a third party. In any case, ensure you know who will be liable for what works, not least since you need to realize whom to contact if an issue emerges.


Investing in a solar system is a big decision. You want to be confident that you are choosing an experienced solar company that provides honest and sound advice and has the skills and expertise to design a solution that precisely suits your needs.

These questions about your potential solar energy solution can reveal a lot about their experience, knowledge and quality of service. At Solar Ocean, we take the time to discuss the best options for your unique situation. We will ask for your requirements, budget and goals upfront. Using this process, we are confident that we will save you precious time, money and stress in the long run.


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