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Our most powerful solar panel system with 100kW

100kW solar systems are among the most popular commercial solar system sizes. the 100kW solar system suits businesses with high energy usage, which face high annual electricity bills of around $40000 to $45000 

A 100kW solar system is composed of quality components made up of solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters. Energy plays a critical role in our daily activities. Solar energy demand is increasing day by day due to the increase in population and industrialization.

Solar Ocean has access to the most advanced solar technology in the business, offering high-efficiency 100kW solar systems to industrial buildings, warehouses, office complexes and retail stores across the country. We have access to the superior Tier 1 solar technology in the business; with high conversion efficiency and minimal maintenance required, they provide you with years of trouble-free use.

What is the cost of a 100kW Solar System?

A 100kW solar PV system is comprised of quality components made up of solar PV panels and a solar inverter. These costs can be anywhere between $130,000 – $200,000 and will depend on the brands you select for your solar system.

The cost of installing a solar panel system has decreased significantly in recent years because of a number of factors, including component manufacturers, global manufacturing trends and growing competition between solar panel installers. Linked with rising commercial electricity rates, solar systems in the 100kW range offer a compelling money-saving and investment alternative for a wide array of business types. Therefore, uptake of commercial solar power has increased significantly in Australia in the last several years.

How much can a 100kW commercial solar PV system save me?

The amount you receive from the solar system will depend on how much electricity you can use in your business. A 100 kW solar system that operates at an 85% utilization rate will save around $37,500 per year.

If you can use more solar power/energy than the system generates, this number may be higher.

What is the average payback period for a 100kW solar PV system?

The payback period for a solar installation is the time it takes for the system to recover its costs. By reducing energy costs and fees by sending excess power to the grid, your solar production will eventually pay for the initial cost of the system. Once this period is complete, all the energy generated by your system can be considered as a direct profit from your business. 

Considering the aforementioned discounts, energy prices and component quality, most commercial 100 kW solar installations will complete their payback period within 3-5 years.

How many panels 100kW Solar Power System will have?

Generally, a 100kW Solar Power System comes with 330 X 300w solar panels or 300 X 330w solar panels and a 100kW inverter.

How much electricity can a 100kW solar PV system generate?

The amount of electricity your 100kw commercial solar PV system can generate depends on the quality of the components in your system and the amount of solar radiation you are exposed to. 

Therefore, the 100kW solar system will generate more solar power in summer than the same system in winter. A 100 kW system with high-quality inverters and panels will generate more power than a 100 kW system with low-quality components in the same location. 

A 100 kW commercial solar system can generate approximately 150,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy per year. This equates to 411-kilowatt hours per day. This average value takes into account the difference between the location and the type of system. Therefore, you can expect to produce higher quality components in areas with high solar radiation.

Why choose Solar Oceans as your 100kW solar system installers.

100%Australian Owned& Operated
10 Years warranty on inverter
25 Years performance warranty on Panels
(T&C apply)
10 Years workmanship warranty
6 Months Bill Check after installation.

What is a Tier 1 Solar Panel System? 

Manufacturers of solar panels are split into 3 tiers, labelled one to three. Tier 1 solar panels are made by well-known firms with a large reputation in the market. These businesses have typically been in operation for several years and provide the most reliable, stable, and cost-effective items on the market. Solar Ocean only sells and deploys Tier 1 products, ensuring that you receive high-quality products that provide the best ROI.

Our 100kW solar system solution is designed for the needs of commercial business owners: efficient, weather-resistant, and capable of meeting your power demands.

Quality you can trust

Solar Ocean is Australia’s most reliable renewable energy source and integrator. We are a fully owned and operated Australian company. Our 100 kW solar panel system is backed by a 10-year product warranty, a 25-year panel performance warranty. Solar Ocean was formed to help residences and commences overcome the most significant challenges because of high electricity/utility bills.

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